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My Kyu and Barcelona

firstly,Assalamualaikum to all muslim !
annyeonghaseyo to all korean ! HAHAH

masa kita bukak twitter tadi nampak Kyuhyun update sesuatu kt twitter berkaitan dgn Barcelona la kn . mcm nih dy tweet .

FC Barcelona의 홈경기~ 실제로 처음봤다.. 딱히 바르샤의 팬은 아니지만 난 Cesc의 유니폼을 구입했고 그는 나오지 않았고 Messi는 그라운드의 지배자라는거..아직도 들리는 관중들의 외침 Me~SSi  
translation : FC Barcelona's home game ~ in face I've never seen ... not particularly a fan of Barcelona,but I had to buy uniforms for Cecs ,he did not come out Messi's what's the ruler of the ground ,and I'm still hear cries of the crowd Me~SSi
(nak bahasa melayu ? translate sendiri kay . kalau paham bagus)

he looks very cute in this pic . while he is wearing Barcelona shirts.
sorry.not really know about football or soccer when he is not particularly a fan of Barcelona ...